Professional Solar Panel Cleaning & System Maintenance

Residential, Commercial & Industrial settings with a variety of grid-tied and off-grid, battery backup systems

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I’m Jeff Max from Oregon Solar Clean. I am a Licensed Oregon Solar Electrician. Over the last 15 years, I have installed over 10 Megawatts of Solar Panels.

If you own a Solar PV System, our professional solar panel cleaning and system maintenance is what you need to protect your investment.

In addition to our spotless solar panel cleaning using purified water, we offer well-check inspections to assure that your system is performing at its optimal level, including inverters & monitoring. We also check for damage to wiring caused by critters, nesting, or bad connections.

Moss Remediation is another service that we provide. Our soft wash remediation process & treatment will help preserve the integrity of your roof.

Benefits of Cleaning & Maintenance

Licensed & Insured
Oregon Solar Clean accepts all major credit cards

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services

Preserve & Protect Your Investment with Our Additional Services

Repair Services

Inverter repair or replacement, monitoring setup, troubleshoot all systems

Removal & Replacement

Removal & replacement for homes needing a new roof


Expand your systems
(space permitting)

Backup Batteries Addition

Add batteries for backup of grid-tied systems when the power goes down

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